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Honoring the Musicians, Composers, Authors and Individuals Who Have Made a Historical Contribution, Impact and Overall Influence on the Blues in the State of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame Policy

1. History and Purpose

The Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame (hereinafter referred to as "MBHOF") was created by the Minnesota Blues Society (hereinafter referred to as "MnBS") to honor those who have made significant contributions to the blues in the State of Minnesota. The MBHOF will endeavor to preserve the history of the blues in Minnesota, promote public interest in the musicians of the past, and encourage those of the present and future.

This policy has two sections. Section one defines the process for nomination, vetting and election of candidates for induction into the Voted categories of the MBHOF. Section two defines the process for vetting and selecting candidates for induction into the Legacy, Legends and Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) categories of the MBHOF.

2. Organization
The Hall of Fame Committee

The Committee is a standing committee of the MnBS, it shall be comprised of volunteer members of MnBS and subject to approval by the MnBS Board. At least one MnBS Board member must serve on the Committee. The Committee shall consist of no less than three (3) and no more than seven (7) members, preferably an odd number. The Committee shall appoint their chair and establish their meeting schedule. The Chair need not be a MnBS Board member. The Committee shall conduct all its activities in accordance with MnBS bylaws and in keeping with the MnBS Mission Statement. In the event that a Committee member is nominated for the MBHOF, they must either step down from the Committee or ask that their name be withdrawn from nomination.

3. Member voted categories
Inductee Criteria

To be nominated and considered for the MBHOF voted categories, nominees must have:
— Blues as the primary format or music style
— At least a 20-year history of blues participation in Minnesota
— Made a historical contribution and had an impact and overall influence on blues in Minnesota.

The Committee may add, amend or eliminate categories. Current categories with some examples are:

Nominations and Submissions

Nominations and the supporting documentation received are considered for MBHOF Induction. Nominations will be retained for current and future MBHOF Induction considerations.

Official nomination forms will be available at http://www.MnBS.org and may be submitted online or printed, filled out and sent by regular mail. Supporting documentation and photos may be submitted by email or regular mail.

Nomination forms may include the nominator's name, address, phone number, email and relationship to the nominee(s) on the form, along with the:

Committee Duties for the member voted categories

  1. Prepare the nomination form for publication.
  2. Solicit and screen MBHOF nominations.
    1. Verify nominee qualifications.
  3. Select nominees, prepare the ballot and deliver it to MnBS Secretary (see below).
  4. After ballots have been counted, resolve any ties and determine winners.
  5. Declare MBHOF inductees.
    1. Contact nominees to verify participation.
    2. Notify the MnBS Secretary.
    3. Notify inductees with formal congratulatory letter.
    4. Prepare a press release announcing the results.
  6. Prepare MBHOF inductees profiles for presentation at the Hall of Fame event.

Ballot Selection Process

Nominations will be screened by the Committee as they are received to ensure they meet the requirements for induction. After the initial screening process is complete, the Committee will convene, review all nominations and prepare list of the candidates to be presented to the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame inductees and 'Select Committee'for voting. The Committee will recommend not less than two (2) and not more than fifteen (15) nominees for each category on the MBHOF ballot. The ballot will contain a write-in entry for the voter's discretionary use. Nominee selection shall be conducted in closed Committee meetings and no public explanation of the specific deliberations is required nor shall be given.

The Committee may seek advice or additional information from music professionals outside the Committee to assist in making their selections. If necessary, the MnBS Board may also be consulted, however, no Board member who is nominated for MBHOF may participate in discussions pertaining to a category in which they are nominated.

After a preliminary ballot has been agreed upon, all nominees on the ballot will be contacted, if necessary, to verify or provide information to be included in the description on the ballot. Nominees may request that their names be excluded from the ballot. The request should be made in writing, signed and dated. If a nominee does not want to participate, the Committee may replace the nominee with another to complete the ballot.

Once the ballot has been determined, it will be delivered to the MnBS Secretary for publication.

Voting Process

Voting would be available to all living inductees and honorees of the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame and a Select Committee comprised of writers, commentators, reviewers, muscicians, historians, owners, bookers/agents and other individuals deemed to be knowledgeable and educated in this field. It is the committee's intention that serious consideration be utilized in the voting process as well as identifying participants of the Select Committee.

In the event of a tie, the MnBS Hall of Fame Committee will break the tie by committee vote in a closed meeting.

4. Legacy, Legends and KBA categories
Inductee Criteria

To be considered for the Legacy, Legends and Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) categories of the MBHOF, the following criteria will be considered:
— Blues as the primary format or music style
— Made a historical contribution and had an impact and overall influence on blues in Minnesota.

The Committee may add, amend or eliminate categories. Current categories with some examples are:

  • Legacy  Celebrates the lifetime contribution to the blues of an artist who made a significant impact on the Blues genre in Minnesota during their lifetime.
  • Legends  Award to an artist, who made a significant contribution to the blues genre in Minnesota but who is no longer actively performing.
  • Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA)  Recognizes the outstanding contributions over a significant period of time that an individual or organization makes to the blues genre in Minnesota. This recognition is not specifically tied to a time frame such as the Hall of Fame but recognizes extraordinary contemporary contributions.

Recommendations and Submissions

  • The investigation of the candidate's worthiness is the responsibility of the MnBS HOF Committee. The Committee will accept recommendations from members and the public.
  • MnBS members and the public at large are eligible for consideration.
  • No one may recommend themselves or their own "work".
  • Candidates are not required to be members of MnBS.

Committee duties for the Legacy, Legends and KBA categories

  1. Maintain a data base of candidates for each award category.
  2. Create a biography of each candidate.
  3. If appropriate, select candidate, prepare a recommendation for submission to the MnBS Board of Directors for approval.
    1. Submission package will include the candidate's identification and bio information.
    2. A narrative biography of the candidate.
  4. After candidates are confirmed by the Board of directors, HOF Committee will identify an individual or group to make the presentation at the Hall of Fame event.
  5. Prepare candidates profile for presentation at the Hall of Fame event.

Typical Hall of Fame Schedule

The Hall of Fame induction will try to be held in October of each year.

Schedule of events for each calendar year:

Policy Review

This policy shall be subject to an annual review by the Committee and/or Board to ensure that the MBHOF voting process remains fair and consistent with the MnBS Mission Statement.

Minnesota Blues Society Mission Statement

The Minnesota Blues Society's mission is to preserve, commemorate, educate, celebrate and promote the past, present and future of blues music in Minnesota.

Or …

The Minnesota Blues Society will seek opportunities to

Adopted by the MnBS Board of Directors, 05/13/09
1st Revision 06/14/10,
2nd Revision 12/13/10,
3rd Revision 07/6/15

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