Addresses continue to be inconsistent in the Minneapolis City Directory. Bert Addison’s Realty and Bert Addison’s Beer Tavern are shown at 915 Cedar, while Tool Product’s warehouse is at 917 Cedar.


For the first time, the Joint appears in the Minneapolis City Directory at 915 Cedar. Its neighbor, 917 Cedar, remains a warehouse for Tool Product.


The Joint continues to be at 915 Cedar, according to the Minneapolis City Directory, while a contractor, Reliable Heating and Cooling, is at 917.


The Cabooze opens in the summer. One newspaper account lists Wednesday, July 31, as the Cabooze’s grand opening. The opening features the Friends Road Show, described as "a 13-member European troupe that combines rock and roll with mime, including jugglers, clowns, magicians and a fire eater."10


City Mouse, Wayne Cochran, and the C. C. Riders perform at the Cabooze. The Flamin’ Oh’s (formerly the Flamingos) and Lamont Cranston appear regularly.11


Peter Tosh and his reggae band play at the Cabooze on July 9. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones are in the audience and climb on stage, but do not play.12


In an advertisement noting its fifth anniversary, the Cabooze lists some of the artists who have appeared there: John Lee Hooker, Papa John Creech, Mighty Joe Young, B. B. King, Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, City Mouse, Dave Ray and Snake, Willie Murphy and the Bumblebees, Luther Allison, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Gary Busey, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, and Willie Nelson. On the weekend of October 13-14, the Nighthawks, a band from Washington, D.C., known for blues, boogie, and rock and roll, serve as the opening act for the Lamont Cranston Band. The Nighthawks get a rave review in Sweet Potato.13


Mighty Joe Young plays at the Cabooze January 24-26. The James Cotton Blues Band is booked February 5-6. Luther Allison appears February 7-10, and Sam and Dave March 6-8.14

10 "Entertainment Calendar," Minnesota Daily, July 31, 1974; "Mime With A Beat," Minneapolis Tribune, July 28, 1974. Over the years, the Cabooze has celebrated various dates as its anniversary. One advertisement noted it had been in business four years as of October 22, 1979, but an advertisement a month later stated the bar would be five years old on that date (Sweet Potato, September 1979, and Sweet Potato, October 1979). In 1981, the Cabooze celebrated its seventh birthday on August 11 (Sweet Potato, August 5, 1981). A newspaper article claimed the bar was opened in 1973 ("Cabooze Gets It With Boogie—Even With Show-band Boogie," Minneapolis Star, September 30, 1975).

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