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Minnesota Blues Society
Internet Communications Policy

All communications placed on the Minnesota Blues Society (hereinafter referred to as the "Society") website or issued using the Society email address must be consistent with the Society's mission:

The Minnesota Blues Society will seek opportunities to:

         research and document the history of local blues music

         chart the evolution of the blues community located in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota

         teach, interpret, archive, catalog and otherwise preserve the history of blues music in this metro region

         provide learning opportunities related to this American-roots music genre

         enhance and celebrate the existing blues music environment in the Greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of the State of Minnesota

Website & Email are the two primary methods of communication for the Society.

         The website and email will be the primary methods of communications to our membership and to the public at large. However, our event notices (e.g. picnic and profile events) will be mailed to those members who do not have email addresses.

         Email notices will be one of many methods of communicating and voting amongst the Board of Directors. Email does not, however, replace the need for the Board of Directors to meet several times each year to discuss Society business.

         Official business, such as the announcement of our annual meeting, renewal of membership notice, nomination forms, and election ballots will be sent via posted mail.

         Email usage is meant, primarily, for communicating Society functions, events, business matters, or other pertinent information.

The website will not provide ad space. Rather, we will provide links, when available, to sponsor member's website at the silver, gold, or national/international level of sponsor membership. National/International is a new level of sponsor membership established for national/international sponsor members.

         Regular (Bronze) sponsor membership is currently at $50 per year and includes a name listing on the website and in our newsletters.

         Silver sponsor membership is currently at $100 per year and includes the regular sponsor member benefits plus a live link to their website.

         Gold sponsor membership is currently at $150 per year and includes the silver sponsor member benefits plus a logo placement on the website and at our events.

         National/International sponsor membership is currently at $350 per year and includes the same benefits as those provided gold sponsor members.

The Society does not host or provide a message board or a blues calendar but it may do so at a future time so long as the Board of Directors has sufficient volunteer resources available to manage and monitor those items. Under no circumstances will a message board or calendar be instituted without first understanding issues of liability regarding same.

The Society currently provides a map of live blues venues on the website in an effort to preserve this genre of music in our metropolitan area. At some future time a resource guide will be considered for addition to our website as another effort to preserve this genre of music in our metropolitan area.

The Society reserves the right to refuse or cancel any application for or sponsor membership without notice or explanation.Rejection of any application for sponsor membership may be subject to review by the Board of Directors.

The Society has a regional focus. Thus, the Society gives priority treatment to regional entities over national/international organizations, national/international bands, and other national/international entities on our website.

         Reviews of National act CDs may, in the future and contingent upon sufficient volunteer resources, be posted on our website so long as that review is completed by a local reviewer.

         National acts that incorporate local bands into their shows can have these shows announced on our website.

Announcements on the website will not feature, repeatedly, the same band, venue, individual person, event, place or any other entity.

This policy is subject to change by an act of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be the final arbitrator of any issue arising from this policy.



This policy was adopted by the Board of Directors on the 5th day of August, 2007.


Judy Cedar
Board Secretary




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